Skin supplement for flea infestation on dogs and cats. CapShield contains Nitinpyram which will kill all fleas on the dog / cat after about 30 minutes and will last in the blood stream for 6 to 12 hours. Capshield’s effect only last 24 hours.   A single dose of CapShield can be provided once daily as needed or once daily for continued protection.  Great for indoor pets! 
American made.

11.6 mg tablet can be given to Kittens, Cats, Puppies, and Small Dogs 2 to 25 lbs. 
56 mg table can be given to Dogs over 25 lbs.

Item # UPC Description/Size
922108 071162007060
Small Dog/Puppy & Cat 6 dose
922109 071162008067
Small Dog/Puppy & Cat 30 dose
922110 071162007305
Medium/Large Dog 6 dose
922111 071162008302
Medium/Large Dog 30 dose
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